Why Cruising is a great holiday choice for single parents!

I went on my first cruise for my 21st birthday with a couple of cousins all celebrating our birthdays close together.

Back then it was party, party, party. I’ve since taken a couple more cruises, with friends and family and watched as the cruise industry slowly changes and finds more, out of this world ideas and experiences to shift that thinking of, Cruises are boring … what can you do stuck on a ship?

Well as a mum I can tell you that cruises have come along way in regards to onboard entertainment. Once referred to as a floating hotel, I’d be more inclined to refer to some of them these days a floating theme park.
There are all kinds of cruise ships and travel styles on offer from adventure polar regions, river cruising, ultra-luxury, and my favorite family cruise ships.

These days families are more and more hoping on board as cruising makes travel very easy with kids. There are loads of onboard family entertainment and a range of activities like Kids clubs, waterslides, pools, water play areas, rock climbing, movie theatres, Disney characters, abseiling, games rooms, hang out areas and even sky diving and bumper cars. So the next time someone says to you, “what are you gonna do stuck on a ship for a week?” you can give them that list right there.

As a parent, cruising is by far one of our top holiday choices as a family. My kids are itching to get on their next one and I’d certainly love to get us booked on the next one as soon as possible. I’m normally a more adventurous destination kind of gal and I certainly love sharing that with my kids. However, if you want something that is going to give you some real-time to relax kids free for a couple of hours a day, cruising will be for you.

Being a single mum of 3 kids under 10yrs old. Sometimes my holiday choice needs to incorporate some free time for me. Traveling on my own with my kids, I don’t have someone to watch them for 30mins to go and get a spa treatment or to do anything on my own for some recharge time. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not about jumping on board, throwing them in kids club and saying see you at the end kids, or???…. Joking!

I love to spend time doing all these fun things with my kids and its very much about family fun together as it is finding some well deserved time out for mum. I have no mummy guilt here what so ever I’ll add to that. haha. My kids will ask me if they can go off to kids club more times than I try and convince them to go. Particularly for the younger ones, the kids’ clubs are totally fun as! They have science activities, games and not to mention OTHER children their age for them to play with. My 5-year-old left our last 4-day cruise with 5 new bestest friends in the entire world. She loved bumping into these kids around the ship.

If you think that your tweens and teens may get a little bored onboard. There are a lot of choices for them to hang out with other teens sailing, their own clubs and chill spaces and most important of all WIFI !!
There are still ships with internet that lags and a little overpriced, but it is not longer the norm and most ships as they undergo their updates are getting better and better service. Some with land speed style connections. This also serves well for those of us that take our work with us.

With more inclusions than ever before, endless entertainment, unpacking once and more destinations worldwide to choose from. Cruising is fast becoming a hot travel choice with families. An advantage of cruising for us single parents is it’s pretty all-inclusive, cruise dates are pretty set years in advance so we can find an option to deposit on and have plenty of time to slowly pay it off. I really could go on and on about all cruises can offer and I have not even touched on the onboard experience for adults and the land excursion opportunities.

So if I haven’t at least tempted you by now to cruising as your next holiday choice perhaps some crazy specials may help you. Visit our Promotions page, to check out all our cruise offers and more.

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