Why a Travel Company for Single Parents

The idea of a Travel Company that focuses solely on single parents came from a combination of my travel Industry career and my own experiences traveling as a solo Mumma!!

Travel has been a big love and passion in my life and sharing this with my children was a natural progression. Traveling with kids can be so rewarding! As it can also be stressful and tiring, but the benefits often outweigh the bad and it has taught my children and myself to be more patient, adaptable and resilient. Most of all it has brought us closer together as a family.

Last year I decided to pack up my home and children and set off on a road trip for 3 months up the east coast of Australia. We soon had families following our journey and watching our adventures unfold.
It was really lovely to have so many families, contacting me and letting me know their dreams of traveling with their kids and how we had inspired them to take a leap of faith and start planning a trip with their children.

Upon returning home, I wanted to keep that inspiration going and I wanted to find a way to keep helping other parents feel comfortable in taking a trip and experiencing travel with their kids. Being that my career was already in travel and I found it a passion to help people plan and organise their holidays, it was an easy decision to take this to the next level in starting a company that focuses on the solo parent traveler.

I wanted to create create a travel brand that provided travel options that are fun, engaging, full of nature and great experiences. While connecting fellow solo parent families in a safe, community environment.

Our tours have been designed with a mix of nature experiences, animal encounters and added educational aspects such as Australian history and learning the culture and traditions of our first people of this land. You’ll find that our tours operate predominantly over a 2 night 3-day itinerary and highly based on the weekends. This provides a more open available range for those with limited or restricted travel capabilities and their children.

Our beautiful country has so many great sites and things to see and do, right here on our doorstep. I am passionate about Australian Travel and I am passionate about seeing happy solo-parent families immersing themselves in the excitement of travel and something new!

In addition to our growing range of tours both nationally and working toward international tours. We are excited to be working on tours that provide an adult only aspect to the adventure touring for when parents don’t have their kids. Again this links parents with like-minded solo travelers that they can connect with and form some great friendships.

We hope to grow our travel community and make real connections for single parents from all over Australia and the world to inspire them to seek adventure, to stretch their limits and experience all the world has to offer and most of all. To share those experiences with our children, together!

If traveling with your kids to amazing places and connecting with other parents sounds like something for you? Get in contact with us now and have a chat about your travel plans.

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