Agents vs Online, what is the difference?

In a world where technology is right at our fingertips, online travel agencies and book it yourself services are popping up left right and center. With more options for travelers to log on line and book themselves, more travelers are venturing in taking control of their own bookings and utilising online booking services. This isContinue reading “Agents vs Online, what is the difference?”

Our Sunburnt Country is up in Flames

As the Australian summer sets in and families enjoy their Christmas and New Year holidays together. Many Australians are finding themselves battling to keep their homes, business, and families safe from fire.  Fires are burning across the country with many people fleeing for their lives. According to, the fires have burned an estimated 6.3Continue reading “Our Sunburnt Country is up in Flames”

5 tips for road travel with kids

Road trips with the family have to be one of the most fun childhood memories I have. I have memories of leaving before the sun came up, to beat the traffic and the antics me and my siblings would get up to on the way. We would stay in Caravan parks, cabins and do someContinue reading “5 tips for road travel with kids”

Finding your travel tribe!

Taking our kids on a holiday is something we are sometimes equally excited and anxious about. I mean kids can be so unpredictable and when they are out of their element, it’s even more likely that there will be tiredness, disruption to routine and even the odd extra tantrum or 20!  Travel has loads ofContinue reading “Finding your travel tribe!”

Why a Travel Company for Single Parents

The idea of a Travel Company that focuses solely on single parents came from a combination of my travel Industry career and my own experiences traveling as a solo Mumma!! Travel has been a big love and passion in my life and sharing this with my children was a natural progression. Traveling with kids canContinue reading “Why a Travel Company for Single Parents”

Why Cruising is a great holiday choice for single parents!

I went on my first cruise for my 21st birthday with a couple of cousins all celebrating our birthdays close together. Back then it was party, party, party. I’ve since taken a couple more cruises, with friends and family and watched as the cruise industry slowly changes and finds more, out of this world ideasContinue reading “Why Cruising is a great holiday choice for single parents!”

Sydney to Melbourne with Kids

Sydney to Melbourne Earlier this year I took the girls and myself for a journey down to Melbourne Via overnight Train and Than spent a 4 night Carnival Cruise sailing back to Sydney. We decided to take the train for something different and also Riley my eldest was getting anxiety about taking her first cruise.Continue reading “Sydney to Melbourne with Kids”

Catch me on 7Two in 2020, in a new Travel series Adventure All Stars!

I’m excited to be confirmed as a cast member of a new travel series called Adventure All Stars. I’ll be taken to a secret location to be filmed by an award winning film crew for 6 days of adventure and fun! This life-changing TV series features inspiring cast members undertaking an unforgettable journey & willContinue reading “Catch me on 7Two in 2020, in a new Travel series Adventure All Stars!”

Retro Camper Road Trippin!!

Remember back in the old days, being packed up into the Kombi and setting off on a good old Aussie weekend away with the family?   I don’t ! I’m not that old! ha ha. However being a kid from the 80’s & 90’s it certainly didn’t stop my love affair with the Kombi.  WhenContinue reading “Retro Camper Road Trippin!!”