Agents vs Online, what is the difference?

In a world where technology is right at our fingertips, online travel agencies and book it yourself services are popping up left right and center. With more options for travelers to log on line and book themselves, more travelers are venturing in taking control of their own bookings and utilising online booking services. This isContinue reading “Agents vs Online, what is the difference?”

Our Sunburnt Country is up in Flames

As the Australian summer sets in and families enjoy their Christmas and New Year holidays together. Many Australians are finding themselves battling to keep their homes, business, and families safe from fire.  Fires are burning across the country with many people fleeing for their lives. According to, the fires have burned an estimated 6.3Continue reading “Our Sunburnt Country is up in Flames”

Finding your travel tribe!

Taking our kids on a holiday is something we are sometimes equally excited and anxious about. I mean kids can be so unpredictable and when they are out of their element, it’s even more likely that there will be tiredness, disruption to routine and even the odd extra tantrum or 20!  Travel has loads ofContinue reading “Finding your travel tribe!”