Frequently asked questions

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Q: Can my parents or a friend travel on tour with me?

A: Yes, we know that families come in all shapes and sizes. We also know that help as a single parent is our #1 encourager. So we do allow friends and family to join the tour. The more people, the more fun!

Q: None of these dates work for me, will you have more?

A: We are definitely looking to grow our departures and destinations. As a new and innovative travel option we have started with our current range. However we can definitely work with your destination of choice and preferred date to then try and promote other parents to come along too. Just pop us an email to chat about what works for you.

Q: I like some of the tours and would like a private group departure can i do that?

A: You sure can, to get the best rates 10 or more is best. However we can tailor to any size and itinerary. Contact our team to get a free quote.

Q; Do you offer flexible payment plans?

A: We know that flexible payment options are important to our clients. We are always looking to assist our clients in the best financial approach to their holiday. In the future we are looking at some finance options, however for now we do have flexible payments and Lay-by plans available for our Group tours and some other land/cruise products. Contact our team to work out what works best for your circumstances.

Q; Can I book flights and international bookings with you?

A: You absolutely we can. We are a full service travel agency , we can look after all your travel needs from air, hotel, car hire, your favourite tour companies you name it. Our staff are fully trained and experienced travel agents.

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